I am excited to be able to say that we are finally able to start renting homes again. This means new neighbors!!YAY!!
Ron and Lillian Weber have moved into 567 Kiwi Loop. They moved out here from ‘Maryland. If you happen to run into them, please make them feel welcome.

Wendy’s Corner

We are OPEN! –I would love to see more people participating. Spending time with others (at a physical distance of course) is so important in this time of isolation. We have been kept separated for far too long. There are several options on the calendar for you to try. I truly hope to see more participation now that we are open. If there are things that interest you that you would like to see on the calendar, just let me know and I will try to add it.

Flu Shot Clinic postponed – Due to the fact that pharmacy has not received the vaccine yet, The Flu Shot Clinic is now scheduled for Wednesday, October 27th. Sloper will be at 9:00am and Houses & Cottages will be at 10:30 in the Sloper lobby. First come/first served.

Garden Boxes News – It was brought to my attention that some residents with boxes would like more time until they have to clean them out. Some are still producing veggies etc. So I have extended the time to the 2nd week in November.

Sloper Café News – I put some incorrect information in last week’s weekly. I was under the impression that like the building itself, the café would be open to everyone. That is not the case. Only Sloper residents can actually eat in the Café. All independent living residents will still be able to pick up food or have it delivered to their houses. We are hoping to open the Café for all residents in November.

Wine Social – Our first indoor wine social will be on Friday, October 16th. We will have it in the Activity Room on the 3rd floor. I am excited to try this out. I intended it to be in the café originally and do not want to cancel it, so we are movin’ on up to the deluxe apartment in the sky. (Or at least to the third floor).

Cooking Demonstration – Since our activity room has a full kitchen, I thought it might be fun to whip up some pumpkin bars. Come join me on Monday, 10/12 at 3:00pm and you will get to taste test the bars that we will be serving for the birthday party on Tuesday, 10/13.

October Birthday Party – Come join us on Tuesday, October, 13 at 2:00pm in the Sloper Café. This is open to all Independent Living Residents. I will be serving Pumpkin Bars and we will have hot or cold apple cider as well. Come out and help us celebrate all of our little ghosts and goblins who have a birthday this month. (Yes you can come even if it’s not your month)

Pinochle – I have been asked to add Pinochle back into the calendar. I have put it on Friday’s at 1:00pm in the card room in Sloper Apartment #302. If there are any other games that you would like added, please let me know.

Halloween Party – We will be having a Halloween Party on Friday, October 30th. Sloper will have their party at 4:00pm and at 6pm we will have the party for houses and cottages. I encourage you to dress up for these parties as there will be prizes for best costume, scariest costume, most “original” costume and best couple costume. These will be given out at both parties. We won’t have trick or treaters but we can still celebrate the holiday. You will need to sign up for the parties if you intend to come. Just call the front desk and we will sign you up.

Books on Tape – It has been suggested that some of you may be interested in, and benefit from, receiving books on tape. You would receive a cassette player, fill out a form with your interests, and then receive books from that genre. Then tapes are sent to your home, and when you are done, you send it back, no postage necessary, and receive a new one. This is a free service for those who are visually impaired or have a condition where they can no longer hold a book. If you would be interested in this service, please let me know and I will help you get set up.

Movies to Borrow – We had a rather large amount of movies donated to us. They are in DVD form. Some have never even been opened. I have set them up in the activity room in Sloper #302. They are available to borrow any time. We will not be keeping track of them, we just ask that you take them home, enjoy them, and return them when you are finished so others can enjoy them. There are westerns, drama, comedy, action, and yes even a few “chick flicks”. I will be playing movies in the activity room twice a month on Saturday afternoons.

Resident Birthdays

October 5th – Andy Crandall
October 5th – Dorothy Wells
October 7th – Novalee Johnson
October 8th – Dan McLeod
October 13th – Nancy Martin
October 14th – Barbara Jones
October 16th – Ricke Ramage
October 20th – Jean Speer
October 21st – Karen Spencer
October 21st – Hugh Chrestenson
October 23rd – Helen Reid
October 25th – Eugene Rose

Staff Anniversaries & Birthdays

October 12th – Vataliy Oruishcheneko (b)
October 26th – Wendy Phelps Chapman (b)
6 years – Clara bohanan (a)

Resident Anniversaries

1 Year – Kay Azouley
1 year – Bill & Carmie Hansen
1 year – Veryl Peters
2 years – John & Joyce Sherve
3 years – Joyce Dozler
3 years – Mary Geck
4 years – Greg Toepfer
5 years – Richard & Pat Leppig Happy
6 years – Sara Roberts
6 Years – Lorna McLeod
7 years – Patricia Fouts
7 years – Phil & Grace Warren
7 Years – Barbara Jones
9 years – Jean Schwarz
11 years – Bob McIntyre

Thank you for calling Marian estates “home”!