Independently woman owned and operated

An independent study from the Portland Business Journal in September 2021 listed the largest women owned businesses in Oregon and SW Washington. Marian Estates Complete Retirement landed itself in the TOP TEN showing up at number eight. This is such a compliment and a testament to our leadership. Under our current CEO Jan Baldwin, Marian Estates Complete Retirement continues to break barriers, all while maintaining a steady census in this small and close family-like atmosphere. To see the complete list click here.

Current leadership roles are 80% female. Proud, hardworking women in the healthcare industry making our work place a fun, welcoming environment. It has been shown that women owned businesses are innovative in so many ways. Working with them will boost your creativity. This is an excellent business move. It’s also a wonderful way to show your support. Diversity can increase innovation immensely.

Following our core beliefs, or as we like to call them our Marian Estates Laws, we uphold our mission first and foremost which is ‘to enhance the lives of our residents and employees throughout our community’. Our laws are our guidelines we follow daily to encourage a positive environment for all who enter our campus.

Our Marian Estates Laws are as follows:

    1. Positive statements are required
    2. No one at Marian estates should be a stranger
    3. Helping others is expected
    4. Smiles are considered an essential job function
    5. Take responsibility; don’t blame others
    6. Speak to us, not about us
    7. “that’s not my job” is not acceptable
    8. Respect is “catching” – we give it then get it
    9. Courtesy of one another should be shared
    10. Questions are allowed and encouraged
    11. Listening to each other is time well spent
    12. We will greet each person who is within 6 feet of us

Marian Estates Retirement Community

590 SE Conifer Circle
Sublimity, Oregon 97385
Independent Living-503-902-6890


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