The Sublimity Community Auxiliary At Marian Estates

A Brief History

Marian Estates was established in 1954 by three French nuns. The original residents were housed in what is known as the Reese building which is the rather large brick structure at the north end of the estate. It includes kitchens, a communal dining room, private quarters, offices and maintenance facilities. Also included were a beauty/barber shop and commercial banking. After Maurice Reese purchased the estate it has grown into what is available today: 38 acres of manicured grounds with individual homes, duplexes, triplexes, quadraplexes, and cottages for independent living. There are also two assisted living facilities known as Elliot and Mckillop together with a nursing, rehabilitation, and memory care facility named after Reese. Marian Estates now offers a complete retirement community for more than 450 full-time residents with amenities that fit many different lifestyles and needs.

Marian Estates Auxiliary

In 1996 the Marian Estates Auxiliary was created. Its mission was and is to this day as follows: As Volunteers we will use our combined talents and concerted efforts to provide projects and activities that will enhance the quality of life for our residents.

Instead of making the auxiliary a stand-alone non-profit, Marian Estates management decided to incorporate it into another non-profit company operating at Marian Estates called Wheels of Joy. WOJ provided transportation, meal delivery, and other services to our residents and beyond in Sublimity and Stayton.

Maurice Memorial Auxiliary

In 2018 we were told that WOJ would be dissolving and we should need to become a stand-alone non-profit. Over a period of several months an application was developed for Oregon’s Secretary of State, Department of Justice, and the Internal Revenue Service. Oregon approved it but the IRS did not because our scope of operation was too small. We applied for a lower classification non-profit under the IRS Social Welfare Program that the IRS did approve, and we became the Maurice Memorial Auxiliary named in honor of Marian Estates’ founder, Maurice Reese. The downside, which we discovered after the fact, was that WOJ would not be able to donate their assets to us.

Sublimity Community Auxiliary

In 2019 it was decided that we would have to reapply to the IRS as a full-fledged charity. An attorney was retained to ensure that this would take place. In October we became the Sublimity Community Auxiliary which would allow us to not only support Marian Estates residents, but Sublimity, Stayton, and surrounding communities. Examples for that outreach include the National Neighborhood Watch in Sublimity, but also Valentine’s Day, Easter, Christmas, and the Father’s Day Car Show, events and celebrations held at Marian Estates. It cannot be overstated enough that our primary mission will continue to be you, the residents of Marian Estates.

Throughout the years we have raised over $160,000 to provide amenities to our facilities such as upgrades for the Reese Chapel, libraries, gaming tables, park benches pianos, aquariums, picnic tables, flag poles, fences and safety rails, pet waste stations, wheelchairs, decorative lighting for our in-care facilities, additions to the Sloper Café, oxygen concentrators, beauty salon equipment, and upgrades for the Auxiliary’s Cardinal Gift Shop. As always our purpose is to provide to our residents more comforts, amenities, and campus enjoyment in a blissful and peaceful setting.

Fund Raisers

To provide the funds for our various projects we have several kinds of fund raisers throughout the year.

BINGO – An ongoing fund raiser is held on the second and fourth Wednesdays each month from 2:00 to 4:00 pm. Bingo is a fun time to get together with friends and maybe win some money while you are there. $5.00 gets you a pack of cards that provide 30 chances to win. Cash prizes are available from $5.00 to $25.00. Refreshments are included at “half-time.”

BOTTLE AND CAN DRIVE – On the last Thursday of the month many of our Independent Living residents donate their refundable recycles to the Auxiliary. They are collected and turned in for cash at the Bottle Drop Center in Salem. Believe it or not, at 10 cents per can and bottle, the Auxiliary will make as much as $1100 a year on average. If you want to help place your items in plastic garbage bags at the end of your driveway. New volunteers to help in this project are always welcome.

BAKE SALES – The Auxiliary sponsors three sales a year: Valentine’s Day, the Marian Estates car show in June, and our Holiday Bazaar in November. You would be amazed at the delectable goodies that our independent living residents can dream up. We welcome new volunteers to join in on this project.

HOLIDAY BAZAAR AND RAFFLE – On the first Saturday in November the Auxiliary sponsors a large bazaar that includes commercial and private vendors. Many residents offer a variety of crafts, knitting in the form of sweaters, shawls, potholders, paintings, and carvings. Commercial vendors offer fancy Christmas decorations, jams, jellies, jewelry, cosmetics, and other items. A table ca be purchased for $20. It’s a great place to pick up gifts for the family and friends. If you are interested contact the Auxiliary in late August to reserve a table. Don’t hesitate though: they sell out pretty fast. We also have a raffle in conjunction with the bazaar. In the past several residents have donated expensive paintings and carvings for the raffle. If you have something that might draw interest, contact the Auxiliary for further information.

Becoming A Volunteer

To become an Auxiliary volunteer please let one of the Auxiliary officers know your interest. We need folks interested in way and means, calling committee, gift shop, publicity, special events, entertainment, bingo, quilting, sewing, card games, baking, writing/publishing, and crafts. Volunteer forms can be picked up at our monthly meetings and at the Cardinal Gift Shop in the Reese building.


The Auxiliary Board of Directors have usually met on the third Tuesday of the month. Community wide meetings of the Auxiliary are usually held monthly. However, until further notice, meetings are not being scheduled due to the Corona Virus. We will notify you of future meetings through the Marian Estates Weekly Newsletter.


Marian Estates Retirement Community

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