Helping others is its own reward, but it’s nice when helping others includes fun and companionship, which always is a goal of the Marian Estates Auxiliary in Sublimity.

According to Brenda Moore, marketing director at the senior living facility, the organization was established in 1996 and still is going strong today with 50 members. But as with any volunteer organization, it always could use a few more foot soldiers.

“The auxiliary has been raising funds through various means in an effort to enhance the lives of our 300-plus residents at Marian Estates,” Moore said. “Funds raised have been used to purchase amenities such as park benches, wheelchairs and beauty salon chairs which have added greatly to the campus.”

The auxiliary is made up of Marian Estates residents, their friends and family members as well as interested residents of the community.

Moore said the group makes decisions about what to fund from suggestions made by estate residents. Recently, it bought flat screen TVs for the common areas of the facility based on requests made by residents who couldn’t see the old TVs very well. They also purchased wall mounts so that the televisions could be more easily seen.

The group sponsors activities such as a monthly bingo game at the facility, bake sales and parking lot sales. They also operate a gift shop as a service to residents and visitors, earning funds to help with good-deed doing.

For auxiliary president and resident Dick Johnson, the organization is more than just fundraising, it’s fun.

“It’s the camaraderie, it’s good,” Johnson said. The group meets once a month and the board also meets once a month. It is a great way to stay in touch with old friends and to make new ones.

He is hoping to increase membership and participation, and knows there is a lot of work to do. The gift shop is open six days per week for four hours each day and needs to be staffed, there is a need for committee members to coordinate bake sales, and backup callers and assistants are needed at the bingo games.

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