The Kiwi Quilters have hit the big time. The group trying to sell their bound recipes to raise funds for a sewing machine to quilt with have sold out of books. The quilters are all residents at Marian Estates.

Marian Estates marketing director Brenda Moore said the facility received more than 200 calls within three days of the quilter’s story running in The Stayton Mail.

“We received an overwhelming response and outpouring of generosity from local community members, as well as people from people as far as Idaho and Oklahoma,” Moore said.

“To date, we have sold all 200 of the cookbooks made, received monetary donations, as well as quilting materials and even sewing machines. We have accepted more machines than we had originally even hoped to buy, and now will have enough to start a sewing group,” she added.

According to Moore, the group raised more than $1,000, in cookbook sales and donations. The extra funds will now go to sewing supplies and material.

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